About Luize

Photo: Chris Martins
Born in Rio de Janeiro, of Portuguese and German origins. Passionate about History, Luize has been thouroughly studying Jewish history and war refugees' lives.

She graduated in Journalism, with a postgraduate degree in Brazilian Literature. With this background, Luize drew the path to her main calling: the historical fiction.

After some important documentary and journalistic works, she put her extensive research to the service of the novelist.

In 2012, Luize thus plunged into the fictional writing, publishing her first novel, The Secret of the Shrine [O Segredo do Oratório], by Editora Record, which ended up as a finalist of the São Paulo Literature Prize in 2013. The novel was translated and published in the Netherlands by Nieuw Amsterdam with the title De sleutel tot het familiegeheim (2013).

In 2015, she releases her second novel, A Square in Antwerp [Uma Praça em Antuérpia], also published by Record. It also reached the other side of the Atlantic: the portuguese version was published by Saída de Emergência.

In 2016, Luize wrote the play The Indecipherable World [O Mundo Indecifrável].

In 2017, she publishes her third novel, Sonata in Auschwitz [Sonata em Auschwitz], also published by Record in Brazil and, in 2018, by Saída de Emergência in Portugal. At the end of 2017, the novel integrates VEJA magazine's list of best selling books in Brazil and maintains the position on the top at bookstores Travessa and Timbre. In January/February 2018, it reached the 2nd place of best selling fiction books in Portugal at Bertrand bookstore - the oldest in the world - and the 1st place of best selling Portuguese-language books at FNAC Portugal. The book is also sold to Italy, France and Albania.

The film and TV rights of her first two novels, The Secret of the Shrine and A Square in Antwerp, were acquired in 2017 by the brazilian producers Breno Silveira (Conspiração) and Paula Fiuza (Canal Laranja).

In the nonfiction field, she partnered with photographer Elaine Eiger to write the book Israel: Routes and Roots [Israel: Rotas e Raízes] (1999). This partnership also produced the documentaries Paths of Memory: The Trajectory of the Jews in Portugal (2002) and The Star Hidden in the Backlands (2005), both exhibited in various festivals in Brazil and abroad - Lincoln Center, Festivals of San Diego, Jerusalem, among others - and on TV, constituting important archives of Judaism history in the world. The first documentary won the Best Documentary Direction Award at the New York Independent Film Festival in 2003 and the second one won the Best Documentary Award at the Jewish Film Festival of São Paulo in 2005.

As a journalist, Luize has worked for more than two decades on television covering international affairs, on Globo broadcast network. Her journalistic background and experience is the root of the trademark of her work, the richness of research in loco: Luize writes her novels always after a field research trip and a reconstitution of the characters' journeys. [ SEE TRIPS ]